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The Sykes & Sons Service

At Sykes & Sons, we are really proud of our commitment to providing great service, high-quality and value to our customers.


Over the years, our service package and after-sales care has become affectionately known to our clientele as The Sykes & Sons Service, the details of which can be found below.

Price Promise

It has never been the ambition of Sykes & Sons to be the cheapest. Anyone can buy second-hand pianos, blow the dust out of them, and list them for sale. We could do that very easily, but it takes true expertise, experience, and lots of equipment to prepare them to the highest possible standards and that is what we endeavor to do here. It has always been our intention to offer the best-prepared instruments in the UK, but that does come at a cost.

The price of skilled labor and premium materials is high, so you won't be surprised that Sykes & Sons is not the cheapest in the marketplace, but we do strive to price our pianos as competitively as possible against comparable quality, customer service, and after-sales care.

If in the event you find the same model of piano that has been prepared to the same standard by a competitor and is being sold with the same service conditions, then we promise to match that price.

Free Nationwide Delivery

Your piano will be delivered by our professional piano installation team, who have the necessary experience, training and equipment to ensure that the delivery of your new instrument is carried out safely and quickly.

The delivery to any ground floor location within mainland UK is free of charge.*
Delivery charges are applicable when stairs are involved. If in doubt, please just ask.

Complimentary First Tuning

All of our pianos are offered with a complimentary tuning , which is carried out 4-6 weeks after our installation team have delivered your new piano. This service is offered to you free of charge.


Some companies will tell you that their pianos are tuned before delivery, but the tuning of a piano will always be altered when it is moved, owing to climatic changes. This is true for all acoustic pianos.

If nothing else, any piano that is on display should at least be in tune. So, "tuned before delivery" only represents the bare minimum of work being done and of course, the tuning of the piano will be altered after it has been moved anyway, so that arrangement offers no genuine saving to you.
At Sykes & Sons, we are honest about this and it is why we offer our complimentary first tuning, 4-6 weeks after delivery (after the piano has settled in) as a part of The Sykes & Sons Service. This service includes a full regulation check and final inspection by one of our specialist technicians to ensure that the piano is of the same standard in your home as it was when it left our climate-controlled workshop 

The Sykes & Sons Guarantee

Every piano leaves our workshop after being meticulously prepared by our own technicians to ensure the highest quality standards.
We are so confident in our commitment to deliver high-quality that we are more than happy to offer The Sykes & Sons Guarantee with each of our instruments.


Our warranty covers the structural integrity and the mechanics of the piano.

We guarantee that the piano you purchase will be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use for the whole duration of the warranty period. You will receive a signed and sealed copy of your warranty as soon as the piano is purchased.


We will repair the piano, covered by our warranty, if in the [very] unlikely event that it becomes defective, malfunctions or otherwise fails to conform with expectations, without any charge to you for transport, labor, or materials. 

Custom Touch and Tone

Sykes & Sons is operated entirely by experienced piano technicians and this gives us the ability to work with our customers to tailor the touch and tone, in any stock piano, to perfectly suit your preferences and environment.

Adjustable Bench Included with every purchase

All of our pianos are coupled with a brand-new height-adjustable bench, which allow the player to tailor their seating position to play the piano comfortably.


Bespoke upholstery available.

Read more about our benches>>

Part Exchange

We would like to make your decision of upgrading as easy as possible, which is why we will ensure that you receive the maximum value for your old piano - with our high part-exchange prices - to keep the cost of a new instrument to a minimum.

Free Reservation

Buying a piano is a big decision, and one that we don't feel should be rushed.
We appreciate that you need time to consider the purchase carefully, which is why we offer you the ability to reserve any piano that you are interested in, without a deposit or any obligation from you to buy it.


If you need time to measure up, explore other pianos or discuss the purchase with your significant other, then we want to give you that time and ensure that you don't feel pressured. 

A well-chosen piano may become a valued companion for life and we want to help you buy the right piano for you, first time round.

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