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Sell Your Piano

We are always interested in buying used pianos, but we are very meticulous about the pianos that we stock; so we don't buy every piano that is offered to us.

We take into consideration brand, age, condition, and market demand when making an offer to buy your piano. If you're looking to sell your piano, please contact us with detailed information about your instrument, including its make, model, age, and any relevant history or maintenance records. We will evaluate the information provided and, if necessary, arrange for a physical inspection of the piano. We strive to offer fair and competitive prices for pianos that align with the quality and reputation of our business.

We mostly buy our pianos from long-term customers, but if you are looking to sell your piano then please get in touch.


Please use the email address provided to send us the following information to us.


  • Brand

  • Model (if known)

  • Serial number (usually displayed on the frame of the piano)

  • Location of the piano (postcode)

  • Description of the condition

  • Any relevant history or maintenance records

  • Photographs

  • Telephone number

Please note: We do not stock digital, electric, or baby grand pianos. We only buy pianos made in the UK, Europe, or Japan. 

We are especially interested in pianos by the following brands:

  • Bösendorfer

  • Bechstein (Only German-made models)

  • Blüthner

  • Chappell

  • Challen (Only British-made models)

  • Danemann (only British-made models)

  • Fazioli

  • Fazer

  • Grotrian Steinweg

  • Knight (only British-made models)

  • Kemble (only British-made models)

  • Steinway & Sons (only German-made models)

  • Welmar (only British-made models)

  • Yamaha (only Japanese or British-made models)

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