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"From start to finish, I received a first class service from Sykes & Sons Pianos. This heavenly company quite clearly intend on offering an entirely different approach to piano retail. Instead of dealing with a salesperson, I spent the day with a true expert.Macaulay seemed right at home answering my questions regarding the rebuild of the pianos, and I dare say that he got as much enjoyment out of it as I did. My visit was more satisfying and educational than any experience that I have ever had in any other shop. It was an absolute pleasure.Being able to play in a private place with no disturbances from other piano players was greatly appreciated, for I could truly judge each piano and allow myself to be fully absorbed into the music... without any distractions.The in-depth knowledge and advice which is offered by Macaulay is inestimable, yet he perfectly matched it with a clarity that made everything understandable; despite the obvious complexity. His ability to balance the utmost professionalism with a human touch continually reassured and sustained my confidence that I was buying from a company that I could trust.I purchased a beautifully restored Blüthner grand, which had been prepared to an exemplary standard. The keyboard was stunningly regulated to compliment the Blüthner patent action and it was voiced to perfection across the full keyboard.Sadly, I could not have the piano immediately. But they very kindly stored it for several months whilst my home was refurbished.I called when I was ready and the piano was delivered in due course, by Stephen and his team: who showed the utmost respect for my property.It goes without saying that I will unhesitatingly recommend Sykes & Sons Pianos to anyone looking for a professional, tailored service by real craftspeople." 


Thank you Macauley for your help and constructive guidance in enabling me to purchase my first piano.

A knowledgeable craftsman leading a novice along the right path.


A year later I feel greatly indebted to you, as over the past year the instrument has been a source of considerable enjoyment, fun and achievement, and has seen me through the pandemic and lockdown.

I strongly recommend you, without reservation, to anybody who wishes to enjoy the pleasure of playing one of your carefully prepared pianos.

Wishing you every success in the future.


Buying a piano for myself after moving from my parents house has been top of the priority list and I wanted to make sure that I got it right the first time so I visited Sykes and Sons on the strength of several recommendations. booking an appointment is necessary but I did and was welcomed into the workshop and I tried out some of their pianos.


There was a decent selection to choose from and the brands on offer included the big names and lesser known high quality pianos like Knight and Welmar which I happen to be a fan of. I picked a Knight that suited my requirements almost perfectly but had no silent pedal which was especially important to me because of my neighbours. Apparently the silent pedal was not common of pianos of this age but they were able to install one onto the piano I wanted which then made the piano perfect.

I know how much my parents pay to have the piano at home tuned every six months and serviced when required (two different things but servicing does include tuning) so I can appreciate how much time, expense and effort has gone into my piano to achieve the quality that is prepared to.

I seriously doubt that I will be upgrading my piano anytime soon but I would without a seconds hesitation go back to Sykes and sons if I ever needed to.


Incredible experience from start to finish with Sykes & Sons Pianos.
After being highly recommended by a number of friends and family, I contacted them in Jan (2018) and was immediately impressed with their in-depth knowledge of the instrument.

After collaborating with my piano teacher, I emailed Sykes & Sons Pianos a list of specifications which the piano needed to satisfy. I was really hoping for a restored traditional upright piano in oak.
I was disheartened to learn that most pianos of my desired vintage are either mahogany or rosewood, but I was assured Macauley and his team would do their best.

As I’m not local (150 miles away), Macauley encouraged me to take the family out to our local stores and kindly shared the details of his recommendations. After a couple of months searching, I hadn’t found a piano which suited me entirely, but one day, Macauley called to tell me that they had found one.

I was delighted and arranged to view the piano straight away.
The piano was perfect. It’s overstrung and underdamped with a full keyboard, and it was oak! After deciding that I wanted it, they started the restoration work. The piano was completely renewed over the course of the following months and delivered to me as soon as it was ready.

Buying from Sykes & Sons Pianos was worth the wait. My piano teacher is very impressed with the piano and the quality of the restoration.

Needless to say, I would definitely recommend them.

Mr & Mrs Ackril

We came to visit you in February to choose a piano for our son and purchased one of your Knight K10s.
I wanted to write and tell you how happy we are with the piano and the service that we received. It is easy to see why recommendations for your company flooded in when we announced on a Facebook forum that we had begun the search for a good 'real' piano.

Our piano tuner, who was also recommended, tells us that we have a high grade piano which will last us for a very long time. He also remarked on the quality of the 'set up' and told us that such a degree of accuracy involves a technician in many hours of careful work.
To hear our own tuner sing the praises of the piano really reassures us that we made a good decision when to chose Sykes & Sons.

Wishing you a bright and prosperous future


Macauley really goes the extra mile on his pianos and I think the quality of them speaks for itself.
All the pianos are immaculate and I couldn't be happier with mine or the overall service I received.

Macauley is very knowledgeable and easy to talk to. He wasn't at all pushy, he let us play each piano, find the one we liked and answered all the questions we had.

Delivery was fast, safe and Macauley and Nick were very careful and considerate, putting protection across our carpet and laminate with proper ramps and dollies. Truly professional.

No regrets. Couldn't be happier.


The pianos are excellently prepared and the quality is the best that I know of in the Greater Manchester area. If you plan to own a piano then visiting Sykes & Sons is a must. Macauley is very knowledgeable and was very happy to discuss every aspect of their reconditioning process with me.

Check it out, you will not regret!


Just wanted to say a huge thank you to Sykes & Sons for their excellent service. The whole experience of buying a piano was met with an in-depth knowledge, professionalism and excellent customer service.


A stunning looking and sounding piano that will last us for quite a while.

I cannot recommend them highly enough.


Very well deserved reputation!

My piano tuner loves my new Knight and said himself that Sykes & Sons have done a brilliant job in reconditioning it. 

The quality speaks for itself. Macauley was happy for me to visit a couple of times and he put the piano on reserve for me while I went around and visited other places....

His knowledge is second to none and I found it fascinating how he knew all the ins and outs of all the different brands they had. 

I am really pleased and would recommend them 100%.



Completely went above and beyond what I expected and made a very good impression on the family.


Visiting the workshop was a great experience and gave me really good insight into the amount of effort that goes into getting a piano up to the standard Sykes & Sons work too.

Highly recommend.


Thanks, Macaulay for all your patience and kindness over the decision of choosing a replacement piano.


I couldn't be more pleased with the Danemann upright-loving playing it!


You have done a marvellous job of restoring it and I'd highly recommend Sykes & Sons!


I am very pleased with its condition... very impressed.


The delivery men were first class, great communication, very professional and respectful. 

Thank you for a very smooth and efficient transaction. 


It was good buying from you; will highly recommend.


After many visits to several vendors and a great deal of research, I have recently bought a piano from Sykes & Sons Pianos.

Mr Sykes possesses a seemingly boundless knowledge of the instrument and appeared to be more than happy to accommodate me and answer my enquiries, even offering the opportunity to see some of the work they do in person. The craftsmanship is indeed very high and I think there is so many wonderful refinements in the work which they do. The pianos are - by far - the best examples from the many I sampled in the premises of other purveyors.

I would unreservedly recommend their services.


Sykes & Sons are without doubt a perfect package of loveliness.


They are skilled craftsmen who provide a personal service to ensure you purchase just the right piano for your needs.


My husband and I were looking for a piano for our 16-year-old son, Henry.
What did we know about pianos? Absolutely nothing! However, my husband came across the Sykes & Sons website and the rest is history. 

We could not have wished for a more personalised service from beginning to end.

It was very obvious from the start that Macauley was a skilled craftsman who took great pride in his work. He was so knowledgeable and took great care to ensure that the piano we choose was the best fit for our needs. We were very confident that the advice he gave us was due to his fantastic breadth of knowledge of the piano.


We have had the piano now for 8 months and it is very much a part of our family. 

We would wholeheartedly recommend the services of Sykes & Sons.


Lovely people at Sykes and Sons. They came and bought our piano and put protection across the floor when they took it away. The two men who came were very polite and professional. They put a cover on the piano and then lifted it onto special wheels and took it away.
I’m very happy with the service and I will recommend to anyone. Xx


Just before the official lockdown my partner (Sam) and I had just finished moving into our first home together and as we both play, a piano was just absolutely essential. Now we had our own space, buying a piano was the next logical step.
We set a budget aside and started looking around at what was on offer. We did visit a few showrooms and we almost bought a piano each time, but there was always something that didn’t make the piano just perfect and it was mainly due to the fact that we have different ideas of how a piano should sound. It is just a matter of personal preference and different playing styles but finding a tone that suited us both was becoming more and more challenging and at times I did honestly just want to give up.

I found Sykes & Sons while looking around and we both spotted a piano on the website that seemed to be the right colour, the right size and from the description it sounded like it could have just been a good match, but it was over budget and after having a late night talk about it we decided that it was too expensive. Then lockdown came, so we couldn’t view any pianos any way, but it didn’t stop us from looking online.

After another late night chat, we said that it seems like good quality and we will go to see it when they reopened. Well it seems like everyone had the same idea because when they reopened and I called, Macauley explained that many people have been waiting to go in and almost every piano they have had been put on reserve. 
I asked him to let me know if the people who had reserved the piano we were interested in changed their mind and to give me call. He took my number and after a few days, he called to tell me it has sold that morning. 
Back to square one again.
Macauley asked what it was we were looking for in a piano and I explained that it would be shared between us and how we have different opinions on how a piano should sound and how that made it difficult. He seemed really relaxed and just said “Leave it with me” and asked if he could call if he found something he thought would be a good match.
After about a week, he called and explained that there was a piano coming in that he thought would be good and asked if we would like to see it when reconditioning was done.
He described it and it sounded good (it was the same model as the piano we were initially interested in), but when I asked about the tone he just said that he had all my requirements and he would do his best to make sure it suited us both. I doubted it, in all honesty I didn’t think it was possible, but I trusted his experience.

Two weeks later, the piano was done and ready to view. When we got there, we were introduced to what is now our little Knight K20. Sam played it first and she gave me a nod of approval. It sounded great for her playing style, but I didn’t like the tone. I didn’t have much confidence but I sat down to play and the piano was like a totally different instrument. I can not explain how that is possible but the piano seems to respond to us individually in a way.
When I asked how that is done, Macauley showed us the notebook where he had written down everything we had talked about on the phone and explained it was all in the “voicing”. He had taken every detail, even things I forgot we even discussed and he really did take it all on board. How it’s done I don’t know, but Macauley had found the perfect balance. 
When Sam plays the piano the tone is bright and loud. When I play it how I play (which is soft) the tone is warm and mellow, but it is still rich and colourful both ways.

We both love the piano and we do compete with each other for playing time. Maybe two pianos in different rooms would have been better, but this piano perfectly suits us both. If we do decide to get another one, you can guarantee that we will go to Sykes & Sons.

Wee honestly can not thank you enough for everything you have done for us. The pianos is just perfect and we couldn’t be happier with it.


Very pleasant experience.

The quality here is excellent. Sykes & Sons quite easily exceeded the level of quality I found in other places.

All down to Macauley who's experience really shows, and offers possibly the best customer service imaginable.


I'm pretty late leaving feedback as I've had the piano a year or so now but it has been brilliant - couldn't be happier.


Lovely family business with a very personal touch. Macauley was very attentive and made sure that we understood what we were buying. We're very happy with how we were treated and the excellent quality piano that we purchased. You know that you're talking with the experts, and if you are not convinced, just ask to see the workshop.

Highly recommended. 


We recently bought a Welmar piano from Sykes & sons and are delighted with our purchase.

The piano was bought for our son who is embarking on his piano playing journey, and we feel that we have invested in a fine instrument, an elegant piece of furniture and a company who has a lot to teach others about outstanding customer service.

Macauley is very knowledgeable and skilled in his trade and made us feel very welcome to browse the stock of pianos on two separate occasions.


We also appreciated the fact that we never felt rushed into a decision. Macauley also stored the piano for us so that we could have it delivered in time for our son’s birthday for which we were very grateful.

We would like to wholeheartedly recommend Sykes and Sons to all for all the services they offer.


Thank you to everyone at Sykes & Sons for such a pleasant transaction. The Welmar is perfect and has all the warmth and clarity that I wanted from my new piano. 


It is worth mentioning that I needed a very light touch and wanted a mellow tone which they altered for me at no cost before I committed to buying it.


I received a wonderful service and I would certainly recommend them.

They are true craftsmen and a pleasure to deal with.


Check out Sykes & Sons if you're interested in getting a good quality, re-conditioned acoustic piano.


Highly recommended.

The Bridgett Family

Thank you - we are so pleased with our beautiful piano!

Macauley is extremely knowledgeable and was tremendously helpful. 

He took time to explain aspects of the pianos to us and made sure that the piano we bought is well suited to our needs.

We felt very confident that we were getting a quality piano at a fair price and the warranty and follow up service give that extra bit of reassurance. Delivery was prompt and smooth. 


We would highly recommend using Sykes & Sons and speaking to Macauley if you are looking to buy a piano.


I don't normally write reviews but I just wanted to let everyone know what excellent service we had from Macauley.


In particular, I'd like to thank Macauley for his excellent hospitality when we visited his workshop. We didn't feel rushed or pressured into buying anything and he allowed us to try every piano he had (at least twice).


Also, his knowledge of the history and inner workings of the pianos was second to none. The piano we eventually purchased has been fantastic and we couldn't be happier.


I've had my knight piano for a few weeks now which I bought online after speaking to Macauley. Really pleased with it - has a great sound & a joy to play.


So thank you Macauley, & I would definitely recommend Sykes & Sons.


Just received delivery of my Challen piano and love it. Macauley and Neil were amazingly helpful, friendly and professional.

Excellent service and would recommend everyone to use these guys.


Will be buying my next upgrade from you for definite! Thanks for everything.

I love my new piano.


From the moment we contacted Macauley we received a very personal and professional service.


He kept in touch and we appreciated his advice. His great knowledge and experience of his profession made buying a piano from him something very special for us.


We learnt such a lot about the history and makeup of our piano and when it arrived we felt it was already part of our family!


Thank you, Macauley for all your kind help, your time and your patience. We are delighted.


I think Macauley epitomises everything someone in the piano trade should be; Honest, talented and passionate about what he does.

I could have easily spent all day at Macauley's workshop. His enthusiasm and passion is just infectious and it seemed that there wasn't a question which he didn't know the facts on.

The piano arrived promptly, on time, with a very courteous and respectful delivery team.
I very highly recommend and I will definitely use Sykes & Sons again should the opportunity ever arise.


Macauley really goes the extra mile on his pianos and I think the quality of them speaks for itself.

All the pianos are immaculate and I couldn't be happier with mine or the overall service I received.


Macauley is very knowledgeable and easy to talk to. He wasn't at all pushy, he let us play each piano, find the one we liked and answered all the questions we had.


Delivery was fast and safe and Macauley and Nick were very careful and considerate, putting protection across our carpet and laminate with proper ramps and dollies. Truly professional.


brilliant service from this company
I visited a few weeks before the official COVID-19 lockdown and I was really impressed by the measures sykes and sons were taking to make sure customers were safe even when most of [us] (lets be honest) wasn't really taking it seriously. they limited appointments to one a day, so they could clean the pianos before another person came in.


Macaulay gave me hand sanitiser and surgical style gloves when I came in. this was before lockdown so I was impressed that customer safety was the main priority. Macaulay was really helpful obviously very knowledgeable and loves his job. he answered every question I had honestly and even had the piano I was looking at moved away from the wall so I could inspect every little part of it.


Like the website says and all the reviews the pianos are SPOTLESS. Really very impressive. I bought the piano and it was delivered by the lads who did an excellent job. The move was perfect and they positioned it exactly where I wanted it. Honestly couldn't be happier and the team has gloves and masks and hand sanitiser. really professional company.


You're in good hands here. if you can support local and one of kind businesses like this then do it.


Just a short message to say that I am very happy with the Welmar piano which was delivered on Tuesday.
I would recommend Sykes and Son’s to anyone looking for a high level piano with a professional service.

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