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  • Why by appoitment only?
    Sykes & Sons is committed to providing our customers with a truly personalised experience by offering our undivided attention while you explore our unique collection of expertly prepared pianos. Scheduling appointments in advance allows us to tailor our recommendations and guidance to the specific needs and preferences of each individual. It also allows us to maintain a tranquil atmosphere in our workshop, with a real focus on traditional craftsmanship, where customers can fully immerse themselves in the extraordinary history of our carefully selected stock. A carefully chosen piano may become a valued companion for life and we believe our approach ensures the significant process of selecting a piano is not rushed, even in a world that often prioritises convenience over developing meaningful connections. ​ We have found that our clients feel more comfortable in the private environment that our appointment-only model provides. It allows you to sample our pianos in your own time, without any disturbances from other visitors. It also means that the specialist who prepared the piano is on hand to provide in-depth answers to any questions you may wish to ask.
  • How do I make an appointment?
    To make an appointment, please contact us via our online portal. You can also schedule a telephone consultation with us if you would like to discuss your requirements before arranging an appointment.
  • How much is delivery?
    Enjoy free delivery to any ground floor location within mainland UK with any piano purchase.* ​ Uniformed Team • Fully Insured • Specialist Vehicles and Equipment • Fully Trained Staff
  • My house has steps. Will delivery still be free?
    The equipment our team uses, coupled with years of experience, means they can handle steps and 'awkward' passages with ease. A few steps (like photographed) will not result in a charge. If the piano needs to go up or down a flight of stairs then this would result in a charge. Fees are calculated by our transport team and are based on an accurate description of access as provided by the customer, or an access check by us. If in any doubt, please give us a call.
  • How soon can my piano be delivered?
    Any piano can usually be delivered within one week.
  • How long is the warranty?
    The length of the warranty is displayed on the main page of each individual piano. If in doubt, please contact us. ALL pianos from Sykes & Sons Pianos are covered by a minimum of 12 months.
  • What does the Sykes & Sons warranty cover?
    Our warranty covers the structural integrity of the piano and the mechanics. We guarantee that the piano you purchase will be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal everyday use for the whole duration of the warranty period. We will repair the piano, covered by our warranty, if in the [very] unlikely event that it becomes defective, malfunctions or otherwise fails to conform with expectations, without charge for materials or labour to the customer.
  • Why do you include a complimentary tuning?
    Owing to changes in temperature and humidity, the tuning of a piano will be altered after delivery, while the piano acclimates to the new environment. This is true for all acoustic pianos. For this reason, we offer you a first in-house tuning at no additional cost, 4-6 weeks after delivery. The free tuning must be arranged within 6 weeks after delivery.*
  • Who will carry out my complimentary first tuning?
    Your first tuning will be carried out by one of our own expert technicians. If you're outside of our covered area then we will appoint a trusted representative to carry out the tuning on our behalf. Eiether way, your piano will be tuned by a fully qualified and experienced technician.
  • I already have a piano tuner. Can they tune my [new] piano?
    If you already have a piano tuner and you're happy to continue using them, then we would encourage you to do so.
  • How can I pay?
    We accept payments from all major credit and debit cards, and bank transfer. We do not accept cash or cheque.
  • Do you provide any videos of a piano being played?
    All too often we hear stories from individuals who have committed to purchasing a piano on the strength of a recording, only to find that the recording was not representative of the piano at all. Many factors can influence how a piano sounds on a recording, such as the quality of the speakers on the device you are using to play the recording and the capabilities of the microphone used to record it. Also, pianists can use their individual techniques to highlight characteristics from a piano that other pianists may not. Sykes & Sons believe that the only way to truly experience the tone and touch of a piano is to sit at the piano and play it. You are more than welcome to visit us and sample any of our stock, to listen to it in person, to play it yourself; how you would play it at home.
  • Do you supply electric/digital pianos?
    Although the quality of digital pianos has massively improved since their initial inception, we strongly believe that the experience and sound quality of an acoustic piano cannot be replicated by a digital. For these reasons, we choose not to stock them.
  • Do you provide a piano stool?
    All of our pianos, unless otherwise stated, come complete with a high-quality, height adjustable stool, allowing the player to tailor the position in order to play comfortably. All of our brand-new adjustable stools are crafted by our specialist supplier, who ensure the highest level of quality and reliability. All piano stools comply with all current EEC safety regulations.
  • Do you teach the piano?
    Piano lessons are not part of our offered services. However, we work closely with many piano tutors and will be happy to recommend a suitable teacher for you.
  • Do you offer part exchange?
    We always consider part exchange. We would like to make the decision of upgrading as easy as possible, which is why we will ensure that you receive the maximum value for your old piano - with high part-exchange prices - keeping the cost of a new instrument to a minimum.
  • Are your [upright] pianos underdamped?
    ALL upright pianos from Sykes & Sons are underdamped. We do not stock overdamped upright pianos.
  • Are your [upright] pianos overstrung?
    All of our current stock is overstrung.
  • What is the 'Price Promise'?
    We always aim to set highly competitive prices without compromising on quality, customer care and after sales service. If in the event you find the same model of piano at a lower price, from another piano retailer, we welcome the opportunity to match it. The pianos must come with the same service conditions, e.g. free delivery, same length guarantee, complimentary tuning and stool included, and the same high level of technical preparation.
  • What paperwork will I receive with the piano?
    You will receive a signed copy of your warranty/guarantee and an itemised receipt.
  • Do you buy pianos?
    We are always interested in buying used pianos. For more information, click here.
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