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Our Environment

At Sykes & Sons, we are passionate about the importance of protecting our planet. We realise that we have a responsibility to operate in the most efficient and considerate way possible, to reduce our carbon footprint and conduct our business in accordance with UK and international environmental legislation.

Protecting Our Forests

We use a vast array of carefully selected woods in our workshop to complete the restoration, rebuilding and reconditioning of our pianos.

We require all of the wood, paper and card in the products that we buy from our suppliers to be either PEFC or FSC® certified, with a full chain of custody, or from a proven recycled source, to guarantee that we are not directly or indirectly funding the illegal or unsustainable procurement of natural timber.

Protecting Our Air

The engines in our modern, well-serviced vehicles are the cleanest available, meeting Euro 6 emission standards, and we meticulously plan the most direct and efficient routes to and from customers to ensure that our empty vehicle miles are reduced to almost zero, minimising our environmental impact as much as possible.

We pay a premium for high-quality reusable packaging materials and as a consequence they last for many years before needing to be replaced, further minimising our waste.

Renewable Energy

We are very proud of the fact that our electricity supply is 100% renewable electricity which is guaranteed and backed with Renewable Energy Guarantee of Origin (REGO) certificates - evidence that this electricity has been produced from a carbon neutral, renewable source.

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