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Stock Preparation

Every piano that we offer for sale has been expertly prepared in our workshop, where our team of piano tuners and technicians deal with each instrument individually in order to achieve the best possible results and maintain our stringent high-quality standards.

We source only the finest parts, materials and equipment from the long-established and most reputable trade suppliers in the UK and Germany; opposed to cheaper alternatives, which compromise on quality and performance.

Great attention is paid to the use of the right materials, appropriate for the individual instrument.

Some parts, particularly for older pianos, may no longer be available as a standardised stock item from most suppliers. The combination of our experience, traditional methods and the use of modern, state of the art equipment give us the unique ability to fashion parts and materials completely from scratch.

Our aim is always the same, for every piano to look, perform and sound just as it should.

Due to this, our pianos enjoy long lives within the homes of many musicians, music teachers, recording studios and academic institutions.