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Adjustable Bench Included

Every piano from Sykes & Sons is coupled with a brand-new, height-adjustable bench, free of charge.

The position in which you sit at the piano is an important facet of proper posture and comfort while you play. This is why we consider adjustable benches, which allow the player to precisely tailor their seating position, an essential companion to the instrument. 

Each bench is carefully stained and finished in either lacquer or polyester, most appropriate for the individual piano, to provide the closest possible colour and sheen match. Our benches are constructed in Europe from genuine solid hardwoods and boast tight mitred joints and firmly affixed legs to ensure both safety and stability. With their high-quality mechanism for precise height adjustment, rounded edges and upholstery over a thick tapered cushion, our stools have been expertly crafted from the finest materials to ensure that comfort is provided in a functional and aesthetically pleasing design.

Stools are supplied with a beige fabric cushion unless a different colour is requested by the customer. Upholstery is available in a wide selection of colours and materials to best compliment the decor of your home. 

All of our piano benches, cushions, foam, fillings and coverings comply with furniture and furnishings (Fire Safety) regulations 1988.

Dimensions of standard bench:


  • Min Height 48cm

  • Max Height 58cm

  • Length 55cm

  • Width 32cm

Standard bench RRP: £250.00 (Free with a piano purchase)

Adjustable Bench Colours
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