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Width: 131 cm
Depth: 48 cm
Height: 109 cm

Additional information
Serial Number: 222883
Age: 1987

Hire price: £50.00 per month

Costs upfront:

• First monthly rental

• Return delivery fee

Minimum rental term of 6 months.

Kemble - Classic II

Upright Piano

The Kemble Piano Company was established in 1911 by Michael Kemble in Stoke Newington, North London, and became one of Britain's most well-regarded manufacturers. The company is best known for its innovative, modern instruments which boast a warm, rich tone with a superb dynamic range. 


Robert Kemble took the business over in the 1950s and, with sales growing rapidly, moved the company to a new factory in Bletchley, near today's city of Milton Keynes. The new factory boasted state of the art, modern equipment which allowed Kemble to satisfy the ever-growing demand for their pianos with a steady supply of new instruments.

Kemble joined forces with the well-established Yamaha Corporation of Japan in 1968 to create Yamaha-Kemble Music (UK) Ltd. Yamaha was already recognised as a world-leading piano producer with a reputation for the high quality of their products and their dedication to excellence in manufacturing. Kemble welcomed the improvements which Yamaha introduced through optimising the manufacturing process, streamlining the production line, and collaborating with Kemble to create a whole new range of pianos, in addition to revising some existing models to create a new generation of instruments with a further enhanced quality of sound and performance.

The 'Classic' was among the existing Kemble models which benefited from Yamaha's influence. The Classic II has a newly designed, full perimeter frame for added stability and longer string length, with a completely refreshed scale design. The added height allows for a larger soundboard and a greater action height with better materials throughout the entire construction than the previous Classic; all the while retaining the favoured British tone that Kemble was renowned for.


With this, Kemble continued to satisfy the demand for small upright pianos (which didn’t dominate the room) yet still met with the expectations of discerning pianists. The Classic II has always been a firm favorite of our customers, so we always aim to have at least one Classic II available at all times.


This Classic II is housed in a nicely proportioned walnut case with a satin finish. This piano also boasts a celeste (middle) pedal which allows the player to lower the volume of the piano for more private and discrete playing.


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