Width: 135 cm
Depth: 51 cm
Height: 110 cm

Additional information
Serial Number: 206165
Age: 1983


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Chappell - 110

Upright Piano

We are very happy to offer this reconditioned upright piano, by one of Britain’s most recognised piano manufacturers, Chappell.

Chappell & Co was founded in 1811 by Samuel and Johann Chappell, with the company's clients including Beethoven, Strauss and Sibelius.

Along with Kemble, Knight and Welmar, Chappell dominated the  UK market and is widely regarded as one of Britain's finest manufacturers, with an excellent reputation for their high-quality pianos.

This upright is an excellent small, modern instrument and another fine example of British piano manufacturing. This piano was manufactured in the Kemble factory (UK), under license, whilst the company was under the stewardship of Yamaha. 

This Chappell 110, despite being a small piano, has a good level of volume and colourful tone, while offering a very responsive action with a medium-light touch. 


This intelligent design allows for a larger soundboard, longer string length and a greater action height than what can usually be achieved in such a compact piano; all the while affording the player a full 88 note keyboard and a high level of performance.


This piano was purchased new in 1983 and has been owned by the same family since. This well constructed upright is housed in a modern satin teak case which is nicely proportioned across the whole cabinet.


Like all of our pianos offered for sale, this Chappell has been thoroughly reconditioned in our workshop by our specialised technicians. The piano has been expertly regulated, tuned and toned/voiced to ensure it is playing to the fullest potential and will provide long-term satisfaction to the new owners.