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W. Danemann & Company (est 1893) were a significant British manufacturer of high quality pianos, based in Islington, London.

William Danemann trained with John Brinsmead of London, prior to setting up his business.

Danemann concentrated their efforts into making instruments of very high quality rather than supplying to the mass market, which earned them a well deserved reputation for producing high quality pianos; renowned for their fine tone and touch. The excellent build quality of Danemann pianos is why it is a brand that we really trust and always aim to have in stock.

Danemann largely dominated the supply of pianos to schools and colleges throughout the UK, thousands of which are still in use now. Among Danemann's customers were British embassies, the P&O Lines, Harrods and many educational institutions.

Their pianos were exported worldwide including "tropicalized" versions for India and Africa.

Their pianos were constructed from the very best materials available at that time and the pianos they produced for schools all came with built in safety features, such as solid toe pegs (located at the front and back of the piano), safety falls (key hoods) and double rubber castors so the piano could be wheeled around a school hall and over small thresholds with ease.

The majority of Danemann’s uprights are stencils of the very popular 118 (pictured) and the 106. Both of these models were built for schools and commonly came in a plain solid oak case; designed to be functional and able to withstand the thrashing they received in this environment.

Danemann used the same foundation of these pianos but put them in more contemporary cases to appeal to private individuals who wanted the piano for their homes.

In 1982 Broadwood purchased Danemann Pianos and the factory. Manufacture of Danemann pianos ceased in 1983, although the Danemann name is carried on in the piano business.

Present Day

In 2015 the rights to use the Danemann name were sold and Danemann pianos are now manufactured in the far East.

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