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Pedal box felt and why we always replace it

Updated: Sep 25, 2021

Recently, a number of our customers have asked us why we replace the pedal box felt, as a standard part of our reconditioning process, on all of our pianos before we offer them for sale.

The purpose of the felt within the pedal boxes is to provide a silent operation from the pedals when they are being used. Without the felt, the pedal would 'knock' on the top and the bottom of the pedal box when the pedal is depressed and released.

The original felt, over time, gets compressed which causes the felt to become very dense.

The felt eventually becomes a hard surface, creating a 'knocking' sound all of its own.

We use a triple layer of soft fibrous felt to replace the originals, creating a long term fix to this problem.

Replacing the felt also has some cosmetic benefits, as it can also become impregnated with dust and debris causing it to lose its vibrancy.

Replacing the felt gives the pedal boxes a nice fresh look which we think really compliments the newly polished pedals.

We use the same colour as the original felt which was installed by the manufacturer when the piano was new.

On top of this work, we always remove, clean, lubricate and reinstall the trapwork (pedal mechanism) to give long term protection against ‘squeaks’ and wear.

All of this contributes to the long lives that our pianos enjoy in the homes of our customers.

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