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Width: 140 cm
Depth: 56 cm
Height: 106 cm

Additional information
Serial Number: 67400
Age: 1983


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Price: SOLD

Knight - K6 Slimline

Upright Piano

The Knight Piano Company was established in 1936 and quickly grew to be one of Britain's most recognised manufacturers of fine, high-quality pianos, which are famous for being extremely well-made, with only top-quality materials used throughout their construction.

The K6 is one of the smaller models from Knight's range of upright pianos. It is, in essence, the 'little brother' of the K10, being just 6cm shorter in height. The strings in the K6, like in the K10, are designed to cross over at a much greater angle than what can usually be achieved in an upright piano of this size. The extra string length is a contributor to how this piano can match the tone and volume of instruments with much larger external dimensions. The string angle, which enabled additional length, also allowed Knight to reposition the bass bridge to a more optimal location, further away from the edge of the soundboard, to enhance amplification.

All Knight models in the 'K' range have a Knight-designed, full perimeter frame, which was built on the girder principle from premier heavy-duty cast iron. These frames were carefully developed to accommodate the greatest possible string length, supply the highest levels of strength and stability, optimise the position of the bridges on the soundboard, and facilitate the evenest tone and volume.

Knight engineers dispensed the brace bar in these frames that is normally found in the treble section of other upright pianos, which was made possible by the extra strength of the frame. A brace bar in the traditional position requires a notch in the long bridge for it to pass through, which can cause tonal discrepancies within the notes on either side of the notch. The removal of this brace bar eliminated the need for this interruption in the bridge and resulted in a very consistent tone across all registers of the keyboard.

Knight carefully selected forest-grown spruce from the Northern slopes of European mountain ranges for the soundboards in the K-range pianos. The long, regular, and undisturbed growing conditions on the Southern Carpathians resulted in trees with very large interiors comprised of very straight grains, minimal knots, and very consistent growth rings, making the wood the desired density, strength, and elasticity required for the all-important soundboard of a Knight piano. The spruce was air-seasoned and kiln-dried at the Knight factory and the completed soundboards were finished in a specially developed moisture-resistant varnish which not only protected the natural material but also enhanced its tonal qualities. 

The frame is anchored to a four-post quarter-sawn hardwood back, with the soundboard permanently secured between. This exceptionally sturdy method ensures superior tuning stability and strength and is one of the reasons why Knight was considered a standard-bearer in piano manufacturing around the world.

Knight ensured the most attractive and stable cabinets by fabricating the case components from very heavy, crossgrained laminated wood of many layers and finished the material with hand-selected exotic hardwood veneers which were applied by highly skilled craftspeople using the most pre-eminent equipment and quality of glues.

Knight took inspiration from Scandinavian furniture to create this stylish case, called the Slimline, which is designed to conform with more modern and contemporary home furnishings. 


This K6, finished in a rich, satin Sapele cabinet, has been very well maintained throughout its life, by the original owners who purchased the piano brand-new in 1983. After being lovingly reconditioned and serviced in our workshop, this Knight once again offers a very responsive and consistently balanced touch that is coupled with a colourful and rich tone. 

Owing to their capacity to satisfy demanding pianists, through a high level of performance, our reconditioned Knights are very popular and sought-after pianos. They are, in their own right, an icon of British piano manufacturing.


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