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Width: 144 cm
Depth: 62.5 cm
Height: 123 cm

Additional information
Serial Number: 118302

Age: c1915


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• Complimentary tuning in your home

• 5 year structural and mechanical guarantee
• Brand-new adjustable bench to match.

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John Broadwood & Sons

Traditional Upright Piano

We are very happy to offer this much loved traditional upright piano, built by the highly respected and historically significant British manufacturer, John Broadwood & Sons.


The 'Green frame' Broadwood pianos are regarded as the best pianos produced by the company. The use of the highest quality materials at the time have made for incredibly long lasting instruments which rival pianos from manufacturers, such as C.Bechstein, of the same vintage.


John Broadwood & Sons were established in 1728, making it the oldest surviving piano manufacturer in the world. The company has a long history which has been central to the development of the modern day piano as we know it. 


Broadwood have built instruments by Royal Appointment for every British monarch since King George II, and still, hold the Royal Warrant for piano manufacture today.


By 1842 Broadwood was producing 2,500 pianos a year from their great factory in Westminster, and had grown to be one of London's largest employers of labour; in an industry that was still craft-based with all parts made in-house. The rich history and excellent build quality of this eminent captain of industry make these pianos a firm favourite of pianists across the globe.


This charming piano, housed in a [high shine] French polished rosewood case, has received a full technical service and action overhaul in our workshop, with new felts, key-bushings, tapes, springs, loop cords, set-off buttons and dampers.

It offers a medium touch weight with a mellow tone.

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