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• Complimentary tuning in your home

• 5 year structural and mechanical guarantee
• Brand-new adjustable stool to match.

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Our Yamaha U1 & U3 pianos are by special order only.

Prices from: £4,200.00

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Yamaha - U1

Upright Piano

The Yamaha Corporation was established in 1887 by Torakusu Yamaha, in Hamamatsu, Japan.


Yamaha is recognised as one of the leading manufacturers of pianos, with factories and craftsmen across the globe. The acclaimed sound of these pianos can be heard in concert halls, studios, educational institutions, and of course family homes, throughout the world.


Yamaha's success is owed to the company's insistence on quality in their products and services, and their dedication to excellence in manufacturing.

Built in Yamaha's Hamamatsu factory, our U1s are fine examples of Japanese piano manufacturing. The Japanese-built Yamaha pianos have a very consistent high build quality, which is why they have long been the choice for professional musicians and educational institutions.

We recommend the Yamaha U Series pianos to pianists of all abilities. The refined and responsive actions make these instruments suitable for the youngest beginners, while the quality of tone and sturdiness of build means a piano for life.

Yamaha pianos are famous for their responsive touch, wide dynamic range, and exceptional quality of sound. Our expertly prepared examples undoubtedly continue that famous tradition.

In addition to being reconditioned to a high standard, using only genuine Yamaha parts, our Yamaha U1 upright pianos are housed in restored, high gloss cases which give the instruments a striking modern finish. 


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