Width: 143 cm
Depth: 57 cm
Height: 110 cm

Additional information
Serial Number: 84149
Age: 1984


Purchase Price: £2,295.00

Welmar - A6

Upright Piano

We are very proud to offer this lovely modern upright piano by the highly respected British manufacturer, Welmar.


Welmar was established in 1925 by

Whelpdale, Maxwell & Codd Ltd. (WMC).

Welmar had a reputation for building very high quality, stable pianos with a very fine touch and tone.


WMC was originally the U.K agent for the very famous German manufacturer, Blüthner. WMC learned a great deal from this close working relationship and incorporated many characteristics and designs - otherwise unique to Blüthner - into their own pianos. The use of 'royal blue' felt on Welmar pianos is symbolic of the relationship between these two manufacturers.


Welmar pianos have always been an integral part of our stock, appreciated by students and teachers alike. These pianos are wonderfully expressive instruments as they were built with the Blüthner tone in mind, by craftsmen devoted to the art of piano building.


The A6 is the most popular model of compact Welmars. Whilst offering a full 88 note keyboard, this model is praised for its responsive touch, which is coupled with the signature delicacy and clarity of tone.

Like many of our pianos, this Welmar, housed in a satin mahogany case, has been owned by the same family since it was new, with whom it was a treasured part of the family home.


Like all our pianos offered for sale, this Welmar A6 has been reconditioned and fully serviced in our workshop.

Included with this rental:

  • Specialist technical preparation including regulation, tuning and toning

  • Structural and mechanical guarantee for the duration of the rental

Add brand new adjustable stool for £100.00

Standard Rental


Pay only 3% of the piano’s purchase price per month.


Monthly Rental Cost:

Piano Purchase Price: £2,295.00
3% of £2,295.00 = £68.85 p/m


Upfront Costs:

Delivery = £120.00 (may vary) 
1st Tuning Fee = £70.00
x3 Months Rent = £206.55

Total: £396.55



Terms and conditions apply

Rent to Buy


Pay only 5% of the piano’s purchase price per month.


Monthly Rental Cost:

Piano Purchase Price: £2,295.00

5% of £2,295.00 = £114.75 p/m


Rent the piano until you are ready to purchase it.
Purchase within 12 months and 100% of your rental payments will be deducted from the purchase price.


Upfront Costs: 

Delivery = £120.00 (may vary) 
1st Tuning Fee = £70.00
x2 Months Rent = £229.50

Total: £419.50



Terms and conditions apply

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