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Width: 142 cm
Depth: 54 cm
Height: 110 cm

Additional information
Serial Number: 2344845

Age: c1997

Hire price: £55.00 per month

Costs upfront:

• First monthly rental

• Return delivery fee

Minimum rental term of 6 months.

Astor - PE 9
Upright Piano

The Astor piano brand were owned by Kohler & Campbell Piano Co and built by the well-known South Korean company, Young Chang.

Young Chang is one of the world's largest piano producers and is best known for their innovative, modern pianos.

Similar to the Kemble Piano Company, Young Chang joined forces with the well-established Yamaha Corporation of Japan in 1964. Just as Kemble did, Young Chang welcomed the improvements which Yamaha introduced through optimising the manufacturing process, streamlining the production line, and collaborating together to create a whole new range of pianos.

Built to exacting standards in 1997, this Astor is the quintessential modern, compact piano and shares key similarities with the Yamaha-influenced Kemble Classic II. Astors were not made in vast quantities so availability is quite sporadic, but we always accept the opportunity to stock any nice examples, such as this one, when they become available to us.

The Astor is a very well-designed piano that is praised for its caliber and stability. This upright is a brilliant little instrument and a fine example of Korean piano manufacturing.

The stability of the Astor is owed to the specially designed full-perimeter frame in combination with the hard rock maple wrest plank and high-quality spruce soundboards. The well-sourced materials and modern manufacturing techniques used in the construction of these pianos certainly deliver hard-wearing, long-lasting instruments which represent excellent value for money.


Our reconditioned Astor offers a full 88 note keyboard and a nice volume, which is coupled with a balanced and responsive touch.

This modern upright offers a brilliant dynamic range with a warm full-bodied bass, lively tenor, and clear singing treble. This piano also boasts a celeste (middle) pedal which allows the player to lower the volume of the piano for more private and discrete playing.

The piano is housed in a neat and contemporary dark mahogany case which is finished in high gloss polyester that compliments a very wide range of decors with the added benefit of being very tough and hard-wearing, which is why these case types are so popular throughout the world.

Like all our pianos offered for sale, this Astor upright piano has been thoroughly reconditioned in our workshop and expertly prepared by our specialist technicians; ensuring the highest possible standards, and comes with our 5-year guarantee. 


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