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Many changes have been made to the piano since is was first conceptualised around the year 1700, by the Italian inventor Bartolomeo Cristofori. The original pianoforte is a far-cry from the modern examples that we see today, which is the result of continuous improvemen...

There are two main types of upright piano string arrangement.

Here we will explore the differences between the two, including the reasons one is preferred over the other. 


The first variety we will look at is the "straight-strung" arrangement.

The most n...

The Knight piano company was established in 1936 and very quickly became one of Britain’s favourite manufacturers of fine, high end instruments. 

The K10 is the most famous of Knight's range and is generally considered to be one of the “best upright pianos” ever produce...

John Broadwood is one of the oldest piano manufacturers in the world. In fact the company, founded in 1728, began making harpsichords before the inception of the piano.
I think one of the largest contributing reasons that John Broadwood & Sons have been at the forefron...

During the mid, too late, 20th century, British piano manufacturers were once fulfilling large orders from local educational authorities across the county.

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